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Remodeling your apartment is the same as remodeling the full house. It means you want to repackage and renovate the whole house to suit your taste and get a new look. Of course, you will be seeking the services of a contractor.
Here are important apartment remodeling tips.

Apartment RemodelingKnock Down Some Walls

It’s okay to remove some of the walls because it can serve as a way of opening up space and enlarge a room. Some situations may require you to leave the wall while in other cases you will have to tear down the whole wall to get the layout. Before removing the wall, make sure your architect and contractor concur with the plan.

Apartment Remodeling

Step 1
Knock Down Some Walls
Step 2
Open the Kitchen
Step 3
Shower Vs Bathtub
Step 4
Closet Design
Step 5
Visit Showrooms
Step 5
Understand your Design Service

Open the Kitchen

Small kitchens are conversant with old buildings and are usually enclosed with walls on all four sides. People now spend more percentage on renovating their kitchens because there are better designs now specifically for kitchens plus every average apartment owner considers the kitchen more important. Opening the kitchen will make way for a bigger space. Appliances and cabinets are even a way of enhancing and utilizing the space.

Shower Vs Bathtub

In recent times, people are getting rid of bathtubs and installing the shower but the truth is that each apartment is expected to have at least one bathtub. Remodeling the bathroom area requires serious planning. You need to carefully think of the type of fixtures to use. If you are in the family way, your kid’s bathroom is expected to have a bathtub to prevent falling.

Closet Design

Closets are also very important when remodeling your apartment. You may want to consider a built-in closet or a customized one. Whichever it is, just work with the closet manufacturer.

Visit Showrooms

You should visit showrooms to get an idea and see samples of different apartment designs. You can either go with your architect, interior decorator or even alone. When you get there, try to ask questions on designs that you are confused on.

Understand your Design Service

It’s not about hiring an architect or contractor but you have to understand the services included. Find out what is and what is not involved in the remodeling process. Is your architect including finish drawings specifying all materials and products? Our electrical and lighting plans included? These are questions you should ask. Make sure the architect visits the worksite. Contact Deo kitchen and Bath for the best design services.

Steps Involved in Apartment Remodeling

  • Step one: Close on your property (1-3 months)
  • Step two: Post your project (1-3 days)
  • Step three: Schedule visits to the site and solicits bids.
  • Step four: Choose a contractor
  • Step five: Sign the contract and finalize
  • Step six: Obtain approvals from the neighborhood office.
  • Step seven: Start sourcing for materials
  • Step eight: Inform your neighbors
  • Step nine: Let work commence
  • Step ten: Inspect
  • Step eleven: Final payment

Apartment remodeling costs a fortune so you have to make a budget that is pocket friendly. The best apartment remodeling services could be gotten from Deo Kitchen and Bath.

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